Meet Emmanuel

Emmanuel Mukose (Uganda)

Emmanuel is an “Aids Orphan”. He lost both of his parents to the deadly Aids disease. His father died in 2000 when he was only two years old and his mother 7 years later in July 2007. Although life was difficult for the family, the loss of both parents had a devastating effect.

Emmanuel and one of his brothers live with their elderly grandmother who is caring also for other grandchildren in a small house. The challenges are compounded because their grandmother is crippled and has no income. She is dependent entirely on assistance of neighbours and financial help from some of her extended family. Emmanuel’s other siblings are staying with other relatives. ACT has been supporting Emmanuel and his grandmother since May 2008.

This assistance has helped ease the burden on the grandmother and enabled Emmanuel to go to school like other children. Now 12 years old, Emmanuel is in Primary 4 at Kiira Primary school in Jinja, Uganda.

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