#After22 – Looking Ahead

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  • Posted on January 31, 2020

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“Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, I press on towards the goal” (Philippians 3:13)

2020 marks 22 years since ACT was formed when we sponsored our first child Christine, in the small copper mining town of Chingola, Zambia. Fast forward to 2020 and in Zambia alone we have now supported 1200 disadvantaged fatherless children and orphans. As we look ahead, we want to draw significance from these past 22 years, using what we’ve learned to piece together what awaits in the future, as we press on towards the goal.

The goal remains the same, ACT is engaged in the relief of human suffering. We want to alleviate poverty among disadvantaged children and widows in need in Africa. We are doing this by educating the children so that they can reach their potential in life and empowering the widows by counselling and through training in business and whole life skills, so that they can generate income in a sustainable way to support themselves and their families. Our aim is to enrich the communities where we work and support development. We are doing this by carrying out projects in education, sanitation and health and providing technical and material support. We also send out skilled volunteers to support our projects in Africa. With currently more than 7,000 children and widows supported across 8 countries in Africa, we want to build upon these achievements and make them even bigger.

#After22 represents our attempt to bring our plan for the future together and communicate it to you, our supporters, and to the wider world. On our 20th anniversary two years ago, we set out an ambitious 5-year plan that will take the charity forward to 2022/23. Two years on, we are keeping a close eye, reviewing how far we have come and assessing how much more we need to do to achieve the targets we set.


– Our aim is to have educated and supported 12,000 children by 2023, which is double the numbers we had two years ago. To-date we have reached 7,000 or 56% of our target. We have a long way still to go and just over three years to do so.

– We hope to have trained 5,000 widows by 2023, nearly three times the numbers we had achieved in 2018, so that they can generate income to sustain themselves and their families. To-date we have reached 1,300 or 26% of our target.

– We aim to have extended the widows whole life skills programme to all the countries where we operate by 2023. The programme is currently operating in 6 of the 8 countries where are. We believe we are on course to meet this target.

In addition to these three major targets, we hope to carry out at least one major education, health or sanitation project in at least one community each year.


Our model works, we have proven this in the 22 years since this work started. Many other charities have not been able to continue this long. But we are not at all complacent. Yes, we have a tried and tested approach, however, we know we must continue to learn and build upon this model. Each year delivers an increasing amount of work for us as a team but being volunteer led, it has been possible for us to keep our overheads low. We can then use the vast proportion of the donations we receive directly to transform the lives of the children and widows for the better. We aim to continue to do as much as we can to relieve the poverty and human suffering.

ACT is for the people otherwise forgotten.

#After22 is about communicating to you our plans as we look ahead to 2022/23. We cannot achieve these plans on our own – we can only do so with your support. We need you, we need your support to spread this hope that we can all do something for the children and widows, – the people otherwise forgotten.

You can help to tell friends, family, colleagues and others, about ACT and encourage them to lend support to the work. You can support our events or create your own fundraiser.  You can volunteer or pray for us.

Click here to Sponsor a child or Donate to our work today and help us to reach our targets quicker.

Visit our website to find out more www.africanchildtrust.org.uk.

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