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  • Posted on September 1, 2017

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“Little angels watched over by big angels”, is how I felt when I visited the Angel Orphanage for the first time four years ago. Bright eyed babies, smiling little children and older ones all welcomed us warmly with a song. Encouraging them on were the staff and volunteers with their kind faces. The orphanage had a homely feel rather than an institutional environment.

Angels Orphanage is located on a farm land in Rulenge, in Kagera region, Tanzania at the border with Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. It is one of the poorest regions of Tanzania. It also has the highest number of orphans in the country due to the devastation caused by the HIV/Aids pandemic. Nearly all the children at the Angels Orphanage are victims of this very sad situation.

The 40 children residing in the orphanage, 25 male and 15 female, are aged from less than a week to 10 years old. There are 26 older children in boarding school or partially adopted. They all return to the orphanage during school holidays. The orphanage has three qualified full time staff, four assistants, including kitchen staff, and volunteers.

The children arrived at the orphanage either as babies dumped in bushes and left to die, some were left at the orphanage gate late at night or early morning and were found by staff members, others had lost their mothers at birth and were brought in by family members who were unable to care for the child.

ACT is paying for a number of the children to go to school and providing material support for the orphanage, including new beds and mattresses, chairs and desks for the nursery and other items of furniture to improve the welfare of the children and staff. Last year we raised funds to install solar power, so that the children and staff could have lighting when it turns dark in the evening.

Out of concern for the welfare of the younger children, the orphanage wants to put up a new building block to separate kids under 5 year olds from the older children.  This would provide safety for the younger kids and also enable the older ones to have their own space.

At ACT, our aim is to ensure that all children are given access to education and welfare support. We are working with the Angels Orphanage to achieve this goal.

Thank you for your interest in our work and we hope you will want to support this project and give the “little angels” an opportunity to fulfil their potential in life.

To contribute to the Angels Orphanage fund, click here.


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