Beauty Queen’s Exciting Humanitarian Mission to Lagos

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  • Posted on March 29, 2018

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On the 3rd March ACT teamed up with Miss Ebony Ali, winner of the 2017 Miss E.B.O.N.Y Pageant, to conduct a series of skills workshops and activity days with communities in Nigeria.

ACT has been supporting partners in Nigeria since 2000 however our work has been focused in the Ayobo-Ipaja community area, north east of Lagos state, since our partnership with Ipaja Community Link (ICL, a Community Resource Centre) in 2012. So far, we have helped over one hundred and thirty five children gain access to schooling – and these numbers are growing as a result of our support from generous donors.

It is customary for the winner of the Miss E.B.O.N.Y Pageant to select a charity close to her heart and subsequently travel to her country of origin to contribute to the efforts of the organisation. We were thrilled to hear that Miss Ebony Ali wished to work with us to help orphans and widows in Nigeria.

Upon arriving in Nigeria, Miss Ebony Ali was met by our ACT project officer Yetunde Joseph, who works closely with communities in Nigeria that are currently supported by ACT. Miss Ali and Yetunde embarked upon a busy schedule. This involved many visits to schools, hospitals, maternity homes andorphanages.Miss Ebony Ali gave motivational speeches to the children and widows, before handing out clothing, books and other school essentials. There was even a visit to the Kosofe Local Government in Lagos where she met with the local government Chairman Hon. Afolabi Babatunde Sofola and other top dignitaries in the ministry to discuss plans to reduce poverty in the area.

The most notable activity of the trip however was the three-day skills workshop conducted at Ipaja Community Link (ICL) designed with girls and women in mind, who were given the opportunity to learn new skills such as sewing, baking and braiding. Thanks to project manager Yetunde, ACT was able to provide all the necessary materials for the workshop such as sewing machines, ovens for baking and hair accessories. The atmosphere was positive and lively, with the girls and widows interacting with the both the workshops and those facilitating it. We were also extremely lucky to bring successful entrepreneurs from London and from Nigeria to help facilitate such workshops, and they gave heartfelt and encouraging speeches to all those who took part.In fact, many of the women and girls were consequently inspired to develop the skills they had acquired over the course of the mission or to pursue opportunities through which they could utilise their new skills. The children and widows were awarded certificates for their achievements over the three days both as positive mementos and as testimony of their effort.

Empowering communities through our partner like ICL is one of ACT’s main objectives, and we are even more delighted to oversee and encourage a female-led project Empowering many vulnerable women and girls. In light of recent social campaigns such as Press For Progress aimed at exposing gender inequality, we are proud to be involved in projects such as this one. We must therefore also recognise and express gratitude to our partner Yetunde without whom this mission would not have been possible.

Here at ACT we wish all of those who participated in the mission to Nigeria good luck for the future, and we look forward to all the missions that we have yet to embark on!

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