Celebrating one year of ACT (Midlands)

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  • Posted on October 1, 2018

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“We are building up new contacts and engaging our existing supporters in the region and things are going very well”.

(Femi Onabolu – ACT (Midlands)

It’s just over a year since ACT opened an office in the Midlands, in addition to its Croydon office in Croydon, London. The office located in Sutton Coldfield opened in Birmingham in September 2017 with the aim to give ACT exposure in the Midlands and the North of England. One year on significant progress has been made towards achieving this goal.

Femi Onabolu ACT (Midlands), Cllr. Rob Pocock & Dr Kunle Onabolu (ACT UK Director) at ACT launch and fundraising dinner in Birmingham (2017)

In reality ACT has been functioning informally in the Midlands for more than 12 years according to Femi who heads the Midlands office. Several fund raising activities had taken place in the Midlands to raise awareness and a number of individuals have been supporting disadvantaged children and orphans in Africa through the ACT child sponsorship programme.

With his formal retirement from commercial and business activities in April 2017, Femi decided to devote more time to promote ACT in the Midlands.

The Minworth Estate office was set up as the administrative centre in September 2017 and ACT (Midlands) was launched officially at a Christmas Fundraising Dinner on 2nd December 2017.

Jennifer Aston, a long term supporter of ACT who is based in the Midlands took on the role of volunteer Office Administrator to manage the new Midlands office in January this year. She has recruited Ronke Agun, a Manager working in the NHS, Candace Miles, a mentor on the NCS (National Citizenship Service) and Challenge programme and Hamish Scott of PwC, who had worked previously as an intern in the ACT Croydon office.

Jenny Aston

Jenny has been an active supporter of ACT for nearly 15 years. This year, Jenny set herself the target to take part in the Ashby Novice and Junior Triathlon made up of 400m Swim, 20 km Bike ride and 5 km Run, all of which she completed in July. This October, she will run the Portsmouth 10-mile Great South Run for the sixth time to raise funds for ACT. For a young looking grand-mother of 70 years, these are no mean feats.

ACT (Midlands) has been involved in the National Citizenship Service (NCS) Challenge and Head-Start programmes and received twenty youths of ages 15-17 and 17-19 for the volunteering, marketing, social media and fundraising workshops during summer. The young people benefited tremendously from the programme and interactions.

“More than ever, I have become convinced of my need to commit and contribute more to the good works ACT is doing among the poor and needy in Africa”.

(Femi Onabolu)

Femi has been involved with ACT from its inception in 1998 and had the opportunity to visit ACT projects in Kenya and Tanzania in May 2016.

My return to Uganda and Kenya this year made me appreciate deeper the hard work, the devotion, the dedication and the tenacity of purpose required to sustain such great works. Thank God for the good progress we are making.

(Femi Onabolu)

 The ACT (Midlands) fundraising dinner will take place on 1st December in Birmingham. Contact us for more information.

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