Climate Change Catastrophe Hots Up!

by ACT

  • Posted on October 25, 2019

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… Are we near the end?

These are unprecedented, tumultuous times.  US-China trade disputes, war in the Middle East, refugee crises sweeping across continents, Brexit in the UK…. And Climate Change.

But does Climate Change have an end? The next 100 years paint a bleak picture for the future of our world. The predictions are terrifying. By 2050, global temperatures are expected to rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius. After another 50 years, the sea level is set to rise by 1 to 4 feet. Experts tell us we are facing a climate catastrophe.

What has been done?

Greta Thunberg, the teenage Swedish climate activist, has ignited a global movement, citing that “our house is on fire” and has inspired a wave of climate strikes led by teenagers. Extinction Rebellion took to the streets of Whitehall, seat of the government in the UK, climbing on trains and spraying the Treasury department in fake blood to protest about what they deem an imminent mass extinction.  Yet if you’re not a teenager and not willing to be arrested, but feel you can do more than just turning off your lights, how can you make a noticeable difference?

This is where our work at ACT comes in. The argument that “One person alone won’t make a difference” simply doesn’t apply in our case. You can make a difference. The work that ACT is doing is pivotal. It is life changing.

ACT works to educate, enrich and empower vulnerable widows and orphans in Africa; the aim is to help them to help themselves by generating a sustainable income and come out of the cycle of poverty. Through our Income Generation Activity in Uganda and Tanzania, we have helped families generate sustainable incomes through livestock and farming. In 2016 we completed a Water Project providing over 3km of pipeline for 3 villages in Sitikho, western Kenya. However the success of these projects is now under threat as countries ecosystems are upturned.

Note the hypocrisy. G7 leaders preach the dangers of climate change, yet it is them who have caused it. Out of the top twenty countries with the highest greenhouse gas emissions in 2016, the US, China, Russia, and countries in Europe occupy the top ten positions. South Africa was the only African nation to feature in the top twenty. But it is the poorest in Africa who are paying the heaviest price.

Each day ACT’s work grows in importance as the populations of countries where we work become increasingly vulnerable due to climate change. In some parts of Nigeria where rainfall patterns have altered, the livelihoods of villagers’ have come under threat as it is impacting forestry, livestock productions and crops, from which they make their living. In Burkina Faso, a country already parched from limited water resources, the number of droughts and extreme heat waves are continuing to increase. Uganda, dubbed the “pearl of Africa”, is struggling to manage the intense rainfall followed by blistering heat waves which have become the new norm. Recent flooding in Mozambique and Malawi washed away this year’s harvest, putting village farmers in serious food deficit. Climate change in Africa is real and these countries need our help.

At ACT we will continue our work across Africa to educate, enrich and empower vulnerable widows and disadvantaged children. Our aim is that by 2023 we would have more than doubled our support and reached over twelve thousand children via scholarships and welfare, and empowered over five thousand widows togenerate sustainable income to improve their quality of life. But to reach these goals we need your help. And with climate change exacerbating the situation your support becomes crucial. ACT is for the people otherwise forgotten.

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