Coronavirus – What does it mean for ACT

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  • Posted on April 4, 2020

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It’s Easter next week! Does anyone remember?

What with the Coronavirus dominating our minds, you can be forgiven if you’ve forgotten that we are coming to Easter. In normal times, families in the UK would have started planning for the Easter break, schools will be closing, shops would be brimming with Easter eggs. But these are not normal times. As in many parts of the world, life is in a lockdown. Schools have been closed, offices shut, with only the most essential services functioning. Hospitals are full of patients affected by the virus. The daily statistics of new corona virus incidence and sadly the number of deaths, are harrowing. These are unusual times. We are living in interesting times –except that it’s not funny.

The developed nations are working hard to contain the pandemic, building emergency temporary hospitals such as the 4,000 bed NHS Nightingale Coronavirus Hospital on the site of the ExCel Centre in east London in just 2 weeks. In France, patients are being transferred by high speed trains from Paris where the hospitals are full, to towns and cities across the country where there is available capacity. Spare a thought for the poorer countries of Africa. Even without the coronavirus pandemic, they were struggling with inadequate health facilities that are overstretched and are short staffed. The human, health and economic impacts of the coronavirus are already highly visible in many parts of Africa.

The pandemic is expected to have a significant effect on ACT and how we carry out our work of relieving human suffering and alleviating poverty in Africa. It would affect our work of educating disadvantaged children and orphans, empowering vulnerable women (widows) and enriching entire communities where we operate. Although our beneficiaries are in Africa, ACT is UK based and we raise funds in the UK to carry out our work.

 How would this impact ACT?

The lockdown in the UK would have implication for all charities, big or small, but in different ways and to varying degrees. A major challenge is that we have no end date. No one knows how long this would go on for. The UK government is predicting lockdown of up to 3 months. In the worst scenario a number of the small charities may not be in a position to continue with their when the dust has settled. Ask leaders in the charity sector and fundraising would be at the top among the challenges that they may be facing from the coronavirus.

We don’t yet know how this may impact our fundraising at ACT, but we are hoping that the important work we are doing among the people less privileged in Africa will not be hindered.

There are other implications for ACT beyond fundraising. Working remotely, away from the office, has its own challenges for staff and volunteers, but we are working through it. In the coming weeks, we hope to share with you in more details how we are getting on and what this means for ACT. We want you to know and to understand where we are at. We are counting on your support, so that when things have settled, ACT will still be playing its part in alleviating poverty among disadvantaged children and orphans and empowering widows in need in Africa.

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