Edet Orphans’ Move to their New Home

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  • Posted on August 18, 2017

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New home – from left : Henry, Landlady, Saviour, Hannah and Yetunde Joseph (ACT Project Officer-Nigeria)

Three months ago, Hannah Edet (22) and her brothers, Henry (19) and Saviour (14), all orphans were left homeless when their home in Ipaja, Nigeria was demolished to make way for government road construction, threatening their education and welfare.  

The Edet children became orphans when their mother passed away 5 years ago.  Their father had died in 2002, when Saviour, the youngest, was only a year old.  Hannah who was only 17 years old when their mother died was thrust into the role of mother to her two brothers, adding a colossal weight of responsibility upon her young shoulders. ACT support has meant that all three children have been able to remain together as a family unit and attending school regularly.

The loss of their home was a disaster for the children, forcing them to be separated and once again facing a challenge that could set them back from their education. ACT Care Team members temporarily housed each sibling, ACT set up an on-line appeal to raise £5000 to find suitable long term accommodation for the children. Thanks to everyone who responded to our appeal, the Edet children are back together as a family.

With the funds raised, we were able to rent a small one bedroom flat for the children in Ipaja, Lagos State, Nigeria and paid the rent for one year. The children moved to their new home on 11 August.

The Edets at their new home

At their new home

We cannot thank you enough for contributing to our flash appeal on behalf of the Edet orphans. We still need to raise £2,000 and your contribution will be used to secure the rent and running costs of the flat for 4 years.

You can still support the Edet Orphans’ Appeal Fund so that we can secure their accommodation until they complete their education

Please, contribute to the Edet Orphan Family Fund here

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