From Tragedy to Economics & Management Science…

by ACT

  • Posted on November 4, 2013

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Simeon Bankoungou is 24 years old & was born in Niega a village situated in the Centre-North region of Burkina Faso & has two older sisters. Their family back ground is in agriculture, his family have worked as farmers for generations.

It was not long after enrolling at school that his father tragically caught Malaria and died in 1995. This left the family unable to pay for the children to carry on to secondary school. Had it not been for ACT Simeon would of also of been robbed of an education.

“ACT’s miraculous intervention in my life transformed all of the situations that I was going through. Indeed, this support allowed me to regain hope in my studies. For example, thanks to this support, I could finance my studies. We even bought food and clothes during the years of bad harvests. I add to that that since the arrival of this support, I have no longer been an orphan, in the village I was even envied by those who have had parents and it is difficult, indeed impossible for people to know that I do not have a father.

Now thanks to ACT, I am in my second year of Economics and Management Sciences at the University of Ouagadougou.”

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