Great South Run 2016

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  • Posted on December 3, 2016

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Peter Beadle, Jack Beadle and Audrey Noel

Alongside the London Marathon and the Great North Run, the Great South Run is recognised as one of the “Big 3” annual running events in the UK.

This “world leading 10-mile race” takes place in Portsmouth, a seaside town on the south coast of England and attracts nearly 25,000 participants each year.

ACT has been fielding runners in the Great South Run each year since 2002. This year ACT runners were again present in force to conquer this challenge with the goal of raising money and awareness for the African Child Trust! The only thing standing in our way, were 10 gruelling miles!

Audrey Noel, Jack Beadle and Peter Beadle Accounts

23rd October 2016


The date had been in the diary for 3 months…but that didn’t stop a nervous, quiet and early start to the day! We made our way to Portsmouth for the 9am starting buzzer and once there, it was impossible not to get caught up in the infectious excitement at the start line. After an encouraging pep talk from ACT director Kunle and a few final checks of the watch, we were ready to go!

 ‘Pre-run, I felt good, slightly apprehensive considering I had 10 miles ahead of me, but confident knowing that in just over an hour, I would be crossing that finish line’. (Jack)

During the run


Exciting, exhilarating, motivating…and also tough, enduring and challenging!

The Great South Run curves through the coast of Portsmouth, the famous Harbour and passes through the prehistoric dockyard and the Mary Rose museum. The run carried both a feel of heritage and fresh momentum to it. The foray of people that came out to support was clearly evident and very welcome! Friends, family and bystanders, geared with an array of supporting apparel to make their voices heard: drums, speakers, signs, matching T-Shirts and a runner dressed as a giraffe amongst others.

A strong sense of camaraderie and lots of support fuelled us to get to the finish line!

 ‘All the preparation in the world can’t fully prepare you for the challenge ahead! The start of the run didn’t go too well, my Bluetooth headphones failed me for the first 1km! But when they started working, I got into my groove and started to make my way through the field – those last few miles were a real grind!’(Peter)


We’ve done it! A real sense of accomplishment and achievement! Coming over the finish line in times of: Peter Beadle 01:09:53, Jack Beadle postrun01:24:12 and Audrey Noel 01:41:39, we were all met by a jubilant Kunle who welcomed us over the finish line!

 ‘Firstly, I needed to catch my breath! I was very happy to of first of all finished the run, and then secondly to let my parents know my time, it was a great experience!’ (Audrey)

Overall, Jack, Peter and Audrey alongside Sophie Beadle and Lewis Westwood, raised over £1250! We were delighted to raise money for ACT, knowing the amazing work that this charity has already done, is doing, and will be doing well into the future!

The Great South Run 2016 has been completed…the Great South Run 2017 now awaits!

See you next year!

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