Highlights of 2017

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  • Posted on January 5, 2018

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Happy New Year!

2017 was an amazing year for ACT and marked a step change in the work we do and how we do it as an organisation.

Thank you to our staff (most of who are volunteers), partners and supporters for making it a brilliant year for our work.  Letters we’ve received from our partners, as well as from some of our supported children and widows in Africa, attest to the fact that our work is having a huge impact and changing the lives of many of the recipients for the better.

Your contributions as supporters and followers have also contributed to our progress in numerous ways.

A significant highlight was the very successful ACT International Convention which took place last June in Ndola, Zambia. It was the second ever ACT convention, the first being seven years earlier in 2010.  The Ndola convention was attended by 30 delegates from the 8 African countries where we work and from the UK. It strengthened the ACT family network and enabled us to get to know one another better and share our common experience of supporting vulnerable children, orphans and widows. Read more about the ACT International Convention here.

Several of our sponsored children completed key milestones in their education in 2017. Many passed from primary to secondary school and from secondary school to university. Seven children graduated from university in 2017. One of them, Methord from Kagera, Tanzania obtained a BSc in Education and Computer Science, from Ruaha Catholic University, Iringa with excellent results. He hopes to obtain a teaching job in his native Kagera region. Read more about Methord’s journey here.

Our Ulemu project has had a big impact on 300 teenage girls and mother groups in Malawi. The pilot projects carried out in Khombwe and Namphungo have changed the outlook of people in these communities positively towards the education of girls and provided income generating skills in sewing for the women. A full scale project targeting 1400 girls aged 10-19 years and 1000 women has commenced in the  Nyezerera community comprising 10 villages in Phalombe district, Malawi. Read about the Ulemu pilot project here.

Our newest partner is I-Afrika who work with street- kid’s near Nairobi, Kenya. They provide the children with care and education. Read more about I-Afrika here.

Last September saw the opening of our Midlands office in Birmingham, UK. The office will also extend our work to the north of England. The ACT Midlands Christmas fundraising dinner event was an outstanding success, raising just over £2000. This will be used to provide education and welfare support for 10 orphans in Africa this year.

Other important highlights of 2017 include the success of our three fundraising events; Kingston Dragon Boat race, the Annual Golf Competition and dinner and the Great South Run. Seventy six supporters took part in the three events and together they raised more than £13,000 which will enable us to support an additional 70 children this year.

We are hopeful that 2018 will bring us even greater success, particularly as it is the year of our 20th anniversary. We hope that you will join us in celebrating this important milestone. Together we can advance this cause and make life better for the many disadvantaged children, orphans and widows in poor communities of Africa.

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