Introducing I-Afrika our new partner in Kenya

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  • Posted on August 23, 2017

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Partnering with local communities is at the core of ACT’s work. Our partners are at the fore front of how we operate. They are an integral part of improving the welfare and educational development of children in Africa, as well as other projects we support. Currently we are working with 10 partners in 30 African communities.

In July, I-Afrika (Immanuel Afrika) became our newest partner.  Anna Cuthel, Liaison Officer describes what partnership with ACT means to them:

As a small, faith-based grassroots street-kids organisation in Kenya, the signing of a partnership agreement last month with ACT represents a milestone for us. We have spent close to a decade working with children living on the very fringes of society – children who have been neglected or abandoned by their families and are despised by many in Kenyan society.

I Afrika’s work includes three major focuses: outreach, care, and education. Our outreach work provides food, advocacy and other support to children on the streets.

Our care helps a child to overcome addictions and trauma to lead a strong and stable life. Where a responsible family member exists, we work hard to rebuild family stability so that children can once more live in a family. For those who don’t have this option, we provide a warm and loving environment that they can call home.

Finally, Education. Primary, secondary, trade and tertiary. This gives our children opportunities they would never have had previously, allowing them to support themselves and lead fulfilling lives.

So, for us, joining with ACT is a very practical reminder and encouragement that others do see what we see. Through the partnership, we can fund the education for a great many of our orphaned and fatherless children. We are so appreciative that such a like-minded organisation exists and is ready to respond to our ‘cold-call’ for help!

Thank you to all who support ACT for the role they play in this outcome for many thousands of children across this beautiful continent.

To find out more about sponsoring an orphan or disadvantaged child in Africa, please click here.

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