Let there be Light!

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  • Posted on May 31, 2019

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… How Toki is using her candle to light many children’s candles

There is a beauty that comes with using your candle to light another person’s and watching that light spread as multiple candles are lit as a result of that one light. This is the impact that Toki Mitchell’s visit had on ACT supported children in Ipaja, Nigeria.

Toki and Godfrey Mitchell are ACT supporters and child sponsors. In April this year, Toki travelled to Nigeria and paid a visit to the Ipaja Community Link (ICL) Centre to meet the vulnerable children, orphans and widows we support. She was well received by ACT Project Director, Yetunde Joseph and staff at the Centre, who work tirelessly doing crucial and life changing work of supporting orphans and vulnerable children to access primary and secondary education and beyond, and giving youth and young adults with special needs support for vocational skills training and community apprenticeship schemes. Shockingly, there are 10.5 million children out of school in Nigeria, the highest in the world[1] and this is set to increase with Nigeria’s booming population! The Centre also provides training for widows and caregivers, empowering them through job creation especially in the retail sector, in order that they can better look after their children.

In addition to her awe inspiring talk, separately to the children and then to the widows and child carers, she also arrived at the Centre bearing gifts, including books and stationary, for the children. She also offered full scholarships to two young orphans, Anjola and Lawanson, who will be joining a private boarding nursery primary school, in the school year. Thanks to Toki’s generosity, both children now have the opportunity of starting off in life with a foundation of good quality education that can positively impact their lives in the future.

It is because of people like Toki Mitchell who is using her candle to light other people’s, that ACT is able to come alongside desperately needy children and orphans as well as poor widows in Africa, to give them hope for a better future.

“One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria.”


According to a UNICEF Report, 20.1%[1] of children with no access to education are in Nigeria.  This is why your generous donations and child sponsorship are greatly appreciated by the children we help. Our vision is to increase the number of children we support in Ipaja by 300 this year.

Like Toki, you can ‘ACT for the people otherwise forgotten! With a regular donation of just £15 a month, you can help a child to go to school and provide necessary school items. For more information on our work in Nigeria click here.

To sign up for regular giving to sponsor a child please click here

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