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  • Posted on August 31, 2018


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… ACT Volunteer Andrea moves on

After 18 months of working with ACT, first as an intern and later as a volunteer, Andrea is moving on to do a post-graduate Master’s degree course in International Development at Kingston University.

Andrea joined ACT in January 2017 when she was in her final year at Middlesex University. She had heard about ACT at a talk given by ACT Director, Kunle at her church and had taken an interest. She made up her mind to give a day each week, even while studying for her final year degree course and visited the ACT office for an interview and offered an internship position. Since then she has not looked back!

She had never worked in an office environment and was not sure what to expect, according to Andrea, from the moment I stepped in the office I was made to feel so welcome and at ease. I was given some administrative tasks to start with and then started overseeing material donations to the charity, such as items of clothing, shoes, stationary, books and other donations that will be sent to the children we support in Africa. It was a task I enjoyed as I was made to understand that the children out there had very little and could not afford the cost of such items. I began to feel a valued member of the team. Being an orphan myself, I know what it is like to not have a mother or father and so I was determined to make myself useful in any way possible.

I also took on various fundraising activities, including helping with ACT’s participation in the National Citizens Service (NCS), did some car boot sales to raise funds and ran the 10 mile Great South Run, a first for me and something I never thought I could do. It’s been one of my greatest achievements to date, finishing in a decent time. I would encourage everyone who feels intimidated by the thought of running 10 miles to try it!

Andrea with other ACT runners at Great South Run 2017

One of my favourite and most loved tasks was preparing write-ups about children we support for the monthly prayer news bulletin. I love reading the stories of the many disadvantaged children we support which more often than not will bring me to tears. Many were so young when they were orphaned and have experienced so much suffering. This made me very grateful for the opportunities I had, even though I also became an orphan at a young age. I had family support and opportunity of an education. I was humbled and no task was too small if it contributed to changing the lives of these young ones for the better.

In June 2017, I travelled with a team that went to Zambia for the ACT International Convention. It was an opportunity not to be missed. I had no idea what to expect, but I can truly say it was a life changing experience for me.

Meeting the kids in Ndola and hearing their stories gave me a whole new perspective to the work ACT does and I found out first-hand what it is like to be an orphan in Africa. The story of Martin Kunda, one of the orphans, stayed with me. Martin’s father was murdered, and his mother disappeared, her whereabouts is still unknown. He was sent to live with his elderly grandmother. They depend mainly on ACT support.  Even in hardship Martin is joyful and hopes one day to become a lawyer and give back to his grandmother. With many years still to go, he will need a lot of help.

Andrea (l) with two of the sponsored children at the Zambia Convention 2017

This is not a goodbye ACT, but a see you later…

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