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  • Posted on October 25, 2018

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…. Jack Beadle and Audrey Noel share their experience of the Great South Run 2018

October has been a busy month at the African Child Trust (ACT). It’s our anniversary year and we have been celebrating 20 years of educating disadvantaged children and orphans and empowering needy widows in Africa. Read about our main celebration event on 6th October, the fundraising dinner at Lambeth Palace, London on 11th October and the results of our raffle draw in our ‘Happy 20th Anniversary‘ blog (click here).

The Great South Run last Sunday 21st October was the perfect way to round off our festivities!

We started fielding a team of runners to take part in the Great South Run in 2003, fifteen years ago. Not only has the 10-mile race helped a number of people to take up running as an exercise, it has also brought a lot of fun and laughter and helped to forge new friendships among our participants, who travel from all around the UK to take part.  But it has also truly made our charity work possible – by helping us raise an impressive £60,000 thus far since we started taking part!

Follow two of our inspiring runners Jack and Audrey, as they recount their day, running in support of ACT and read Jenny’s blog for who the Great South Run was the third of her Tri70 Challenge (here).

The Start

It’s 10am on the morning of Sunday the 21st October, and we’re here again, raring to go at the Great South Run in Portsmouth and Southsea.

We’ve travelled down from London and join our other runners, proudly representing the African Child Trust in our bright yellow ACT T-shirts.

The weather is perfect, but any thoughts of a trip to the beach must wait! Ten long and rewarding miles await us. The anticipation and excitement amongst the 20,000 runners is clear to see. We’re standing nervously, hoping that our training over the last few months has paid off.

The starting horn blasts….and we’re off! Run, Jack and Audrey, Run!

The Run

The Great South Run follows an excellent route and is one of the key reasons that so many people partake year after year. The route takes in: Portsmouth Cathedral; Spinnaker Tower; HMS Victory; Mary Rose; Portsmouth Guildhall; Portsmouth War Memorial and finishes along the esplanade overlooking the English Channel. It is a beautiful route and it reminds us why we’re here for our third consecutive year.

The true highlight of the day is the number of people lining the streets in support! Live music and enthusiastic cheering motivates us to complete each mile.

Some of our Runners

The Finish

800m to go….600m….400m….200m…the finish line is now in sight….and finally, arms going up in jubilation, and we’ve done it! Staggering through the finishing blocks, we collect our medals, and congratulate our fellow runners. Everyone was a winner today!

Our finishing times were: Jack Beadle 1-hour 22 minutes 55 seconds, Audrey Noel 1-hour 37 minutes 23 seconds.

We’re aiming to raise over £500 for the African Child Trust. We’re still collecting donations for ACT and any additional donations are very welcome and appreciated! Please visit our donation page here.

The Great South Run 2018 has been completed…the Great South Run 2019 now awaits! Register here.

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