My sacrifice to raise funds for the Orphans

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  • Posted on November 24, 2017

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“A woman’s glory is in her hair”

“A woman’s glory is in her hair” is what my grandmother used to tell me as a little child. Even now that I am a grown up she has not stopped saying it. (Natasha)

Natasha’s start in life mirrors that of many disadvantaged children that ACT was set up to assist. She was born twenty five years ago in Zambia to a single mother. Coincidentally, it is the same country where ACT’s work began nearly twenty years ago. Her mother, a young upcoming fashion designer, raised her up alone and doted on her pretty little baby for whom she had high hopes for the future. But Natasha was only a year old when disaster struck. Very suddenly and unexpectedly, her mother passed away, leaving Natasha an orphan.

This story is one told by millions across Africa – that of a child who has lost their parents before ever getting to bask in all the love they had to give. ACT works every single day to ensure that many children born into similar circumstances are given hope and the chance of a better future, which is education, welfare and care.

Like many such children in Africa, it is the grandmother, the aunts and relatives that carry the burden of support when a child is orphaned. Natasha’s grandmother and her aunt came to the rescue to give her a shot in life.

Natasha’s mother was born and had lived in the UK before returning to Zambia. This enabled her grandmother to apply for a UK passport for Natasha. They moved to the UK and settled in Croydon, south London, another coincidence, as ACT is based in Croydon.

In Natasha’s own words, her grandmother was committed to providing her a brighter future. Her grandmother knew that remaining in Zambia and living in her small village will limit Natasha’s opportunity of a better life and decided to raise Natasha in the UK. She came out of retirement and went to work as a nurse to bring up her grandchild. Natasha excelled at school, earned a BA honours degree in English and is now employed as a Communication Specialist.

… Blessed with a beautiful head of hair

Natasha has mourned her mother her whole life. Hardly knowing her, she has wondered how different life might have been, what relationships she may have had and where she may have been living today. But she recognises just how fortunate she is to have a grandmother willing to work so hard on her behalf and provide the love and care she needed to follow her dreams. She is also keenly aware of the work of organisations such as ACT working at the grass root to give hope to children who are disadvantaged. For every Natasha, there are countless young orphans in Africa who are faced with uncertainties but have few options.

“I want to make a difference and help to change the lives of others for good”.

Natasha wanted to mark the anniversary of her mother’s passing in a meaningful way. She wanted to do something sacrificial and give back to those less fortunate than her. Having considered many ideas, including planting a tree, she remembered her grandmothers adage about a woman’s glory being in her hair.  Like a flash she knew what she had to do, something that would be a real sacrifice.

Blessed with a beautiful head of hair, she felt she could trade in her hair to raise funds to support orphans in Africa. She was introduced to ACT and was excited in the work they are doing in Africa. In particular she felt that raising funds for the Angels Orphanage Appeal in Kagera, Tanzania would be just right.

Determined, and even against the advice of her friends and family who thought she was crazy, on her 25th birthday Natasha sacrificed her hair to raise funds for the less privileged in the orphanage in Kagera, Tanzania. She cut her hair.

The memory of her childhood and up-bringing and the sacrifice of others, particularly her grandmother have inspired a passion in Natasha.

You can acknowledge Natasha’s sacrifice and sponsor her on her website. Please click here.

Please support the Angels Orphan Christmas Appeal here.

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