Sending – Volunteering

We send volunteers abroad to support our projects in Africa.

ACTIVE is the ACT International Volunteering Effort. We enable individuals and groups to go out to communities in Africa where we work to support new, on-going or existing projects. International volunteering with ACT may be for short duration (1-2 weeks), medium duration (up to 6 weeks) or longer term. Depending on your skills, there will be opportunity to work with our local partners to support one or more projects.


Volunteering is at the core of how ACT operates and carries out its work both in the UK and in Africa. Our operational model focusses on cost minimisation, therefore our volunteers are key to our mission. This is so we can use the highest proportion of our funds to educate disadvantaged and fatherless children, orphans and support widow’s and women’s projects across our locations. Our volunteers donate their time to these causes both in the UK and Africa.

What does this mean?

  • In the UK we are staffed mainly by volunteers and interns, both in our main office in Croydon and in the Midlands. They give of their time and use their skills to make our work possible. Opportunities exist for recent graduates to serve as interns and gap year students to gain work experience in international development.
  • In Africa our work is carried out by volunteer care team members, who provide support and oversee the needs of the children and widows. Care Team volunteers are managed through the organisations that we collaborate with in each community.

Read our blog to find out more about how these two teams come together and the great work they do.

If volunteering with us interests you and you want to get involved, contact us here or via email at!