Sixteen New Children to Receive Support in Malawi

by ACT

  • Posted on February 1, 2012

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February 2012

Following an appeal from our partner organization in Malawi, the Good News Bible Church, ACT has decided to extend its sponsorship to sixteen more children in the community. All children are from the Migowi community which is part of Phalombe District. This area is considered the poorest in Malawi, with average daily incomes between fifty cents and one dollar. The effects of this rampant poverty are devastating, and especially so for orphans and widows. Between 2005 and 2010, the number of orphans in the district rose from 36.798 to 72.348. Current estimates suspect over 80.000 parentless children. Most of the children’s parents died due to the rampant HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The district’s social infrastructure is dramatically overstretched. As a result, many orphans end up on the street. Suffering from the physical and mental stress of no parental support and guidance, an increasing number of children turn to crime and alcohol abuse to cope with their situation. Without any external help, these children have bleak prospects for their future. Girls are especially vulnerable to the effects of orphanhood. ‘You will find a 10-12 year old girl is a mother just because she was forced into early sex or marriage in search of food’, writes Richard Muluzi, head of the ACT-Malawi Care Team. Combined with factors such as domestic duties and lack of female role models, girls’ drop-out rates from school are particularly high. This drastically limits these young girls’ options.

ACT’s partner, the Good News Bible Church, has been active in the community since November 1997. Ever since, the church has been expanding its activities in the areas of missions, leadership training and social work. Besides the child sponsorship programme, the church established child care centres, youth clubs and a medical clinic.

Since the start of the partnership in 2007, ACT expanded its support from 6 to 24 children. The current increase will nearly double this number to 40. Although this number is a drop in the ocean when measured against figures such as the above, ACT strongly believes that this support can make a vital difference both to the children in question, and the wider community. Our sponsorship is giving hope and a real chance of a new life to the supported children and their remaining relatives. It is a small but crucial step towards breaking through the larger cycle of poverty affecting the community.

With your support, new and continued, we can keep making this change. Please help us to continue this support, and to expand it to some of the remaining hundreds of children still in desperate need of our help!

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