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  • Posted on December 20, 2019

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As 2019 draws to a close and before we start looking ahead and thinking about what we would like to achieve in 2020, it’s important that we stop, reflect and remember all that we have been able to do this year. Indeed, much has been achieved because of you and the many others who have supported us.

We could not have come this far without our dedicated supporters and their interest in what we do. We saw you go out of your way to support us with the Dragon Boat Race, annual Golf Day and more recently the Great South Run, either as a participant to raise funds for us or as a donor sponsoring the people taking part. To you we are entirely grateful as funds raised is helping to feed the children and keep them in school. Kudos to our regular donors and child sponsors, you are our unseen heroes. Your monthly giving is the mainstay of our work, as it guarantees the children their school fees and new school uniforms, shoes and other needs as they grow and move on to the next school year. Your regular giving gives hope of a better future to the vulnerable widows. From giving financially, to writing letters to the children they support and even sending Christmas presents each year, your love and kindness doesn’t go unnoticed.

Gwen – volunteer finance officer for 11 years

This year we have received the highest number of volunteers at ACT. Many have taken time out of their busy schedules to support us at our office in Croydon. From admin work to bookkeeping, social media work and more, you have helped to make our work possible. ACT runs on the power of volunteers; some on a short term basis and the others who stay with us for the long haul. This month we said goodbye to Gwen, who joined us when she retired from a senior management role. She then joined us as volunteer part-time Finance Officer and served another 11 years. But we don’t let go that easily, she is now on the Board of ACT as a Trustees. Also moving on from ACT at the other spectrum is Lily, one of our communications interns. She joined ACT in September on a gap year, and plans to travel before taking up her place at university next September. Lily has made an impact with her friendly and joyful attitude, bringing much laughter to us each day she was in the ACT office. Alongside her social media work she represented ACT at the Croydon Voluntary Action Fair in November, leading many people to sign up for newsletters and to consider child sponsorship with ACT. We will always appreciate Lily’s 3-month spell with us. Like Gwen and Lily, we are always grateful to receive new volunteers to share whatever time and skills you can offer.

Lily (pictured right) representing ACT at Croydon Voluntary Action fair.

Thank you to the very small staff team of two in the UK and the project officers and partners in Africa who work tirelessly to carry on the vision of supporting the children and widows in need in Africa. Your work is building upon the solid foundation of ACT. You are the rock of this small but growing charity.

Above all, thank you to the children, widows and the families in the communities where we are serving in the 8 African countries where ACT operates. They are the reason that ACT exist. Thank you for the trust you have in us to carry on this work, enabling us to come into your lives and offer the little help we can.

Everyone needs some help in their lives at some point.  But some need more help because otherwise they are forgotten.

As we come to the end of another year, you can make a difference in the life of a disadvantaged fatherless child or orphan or help transform the life of a vulnerable widow in need in Africa. With ACT you can be assured that your sponsorship will be used for this purpose. ACT is for the people otherwise forgotten.

To make a regular donation to sponsor a child or support a widow, or for a one-off gift to support our work, please click here.

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