The Poet: A Life Transformed

by ACT

  • Posted on August 23, 2019

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“Oh African Child Trust! Oh African Child Trust!
Where can I find your Golden heart? Who made you?
For you’re the genesis of my second chance for life.”

(Peter Mwesige, 2019)

Peter (Uganda)

Peter is a budding poet. Reading his poems reveals the heart of this young man itching to tell his story, and what a story it is.

In 2006, thirteen years ago, when ACT began supporting Peter, he was just 9 years old. Even then he came across as a bright and clever boy, belying the trauma this child had at the time only recently experienced. In January of that year he had lost his father in a tragic motor accident, leaving behind a wife and five young children. It was a tragedy of immense proportion for the family, and in fact the entire village community, as his father was a well-liked local church pastor.

Peter was born in July 1996 in East Walukuba, a suburb of Jinja, capital of Busoga region in the western part of Uganda. The second of five children, he has an older sister and three younger brothers. His mother, Janet was looking after her five young children at the time of his father’s death and so was unemployed. In addition to being a church pastor, his father earned a living as a farmer and in this way was able to feed for his family. Following his death Janet had difficulty in supporting her family financially. Finding money for food and clothes was difficult enough, school fees were completely out of the question.

Peter was bright and intelligent boy and did well in school. He had high aspirations until this tragedy prevented him from attending school and crushed his dreams.  In an effort to reduce the burden Peter, the eldest boy, was sent to live with his grandfather.

Separated from his siblings and one remaining parent and struggling to find money for essentials such as clothing and bedding, let alone money for school fees Peter comes to the attention of ACT. ACT provided money for school fees, school equipment and one meal a day, thus reducing the financial burden for Peter’s grandfather.

Peter described this part of his life in one of his poems:

“Isolation had become part of my life

Loneliness followed my days

Inferiority suppressed my ambitions

A sad face become my daily suit”

Peter made good use of the opportunity provided by ACT and worked hard at school. His reports reflected on the good progress he was making. He reflected on the impact of ACT on his life in his poem, “Oh African Child Trust!”

 “For you’re the genesis of my second chance for life

The father of joy again in my life

The mother of hope when I was hopeless

My sanctuary when the world had ignored me.”

In 2018 he was successful in securing a place on a Diploma in Business Administration course at the Uganda Co-operative College, Tororo.  Again ACT stepped in to ensure that Peter’s hopes and aspirations were not thwarted by a lack of money.  He is expected to obtain a Diploma in Business Administration in 2020.

Peter wrote:

 “You have really transformed my life into a living testimony and by so doing transformed indirectly the people around me”.  

ACT for those otherwise forgotten!

Since 1998, we have supported several thousands of children and produced nearly two hundred university degree and diploma graduates, including 3 medical doctors. We want to continue to bring hope to hundreds more forgotten children. However, we cannot do this without your help.

If you have been inspired by Peter’s story and wish to make a difference in the life of an orphan or disadvantaged child, please click here to donate or find out how to sponsor a child.

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