The Race Begins – Finishing Well Matters

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  • Posted on July 26, 2019

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The Kingston Rotary Dragon Boat Race 2019!

Sunday 21st July 2019, was an extraordinary day for many people, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, but what was exciting is that it was a day most anticipated – the Kingston Rotary Club Dragon Boat Race at Canbury Gardens in Kingston. Forget Oxford and Cambridge, it’s all about Kingston! Throughout history many have set sail across vast oceans but these sailors competed for a better prize, to raise as much money for the African Child Trust as possible!

For many people nowadays, thanks to ferries and modern boats, rowing a boat has unfortunately become one of those life experiences that has sunk from people’s minds. The Kingston Dragon Boat Race provided an opportunity for many people to kindle their enthusiasm and learn how to row in a very short amount of time and show their true willingness to help themselves as well as others by raising money to support a good cause. Across River Thames at Kingston, the many racers on the ACT team, both experienced and inexperienced, sped fast and were steadfast for victory over the illustrious 200m course.

Three races one winner!

In the good weather, catchy boat names including the incredibly named BoatyMcBoatface, teams of rowers of varying experience, the game was on! Motivated by the beats of a drummer at the front of the boat which ensured a metronomic timing of synchronised strokes, the ACT team were storming against over fifty other teams, each trying to out manoeuvre the ACT boat, but with little success against our strong seafarers or in this case, river farers.

We are yet to tally up the total funds raised, as participants are still collecting there sponsorships, but all that is raised would be used to ensure a better life for the widows and orphans in the eight countries where we work in Africa.  The indomitable spirit of the ACT team who did amazingly, demonstrates how much difference individuals can make to the lives of the collective, even if they’re oceans away.  You finished well and this is what matters.

A big thank you to our crewmen and women! The orphans who will receive an education and widows who will receive skills training will be grateful.

Of course, this isn’t over. The ACT Navy is recruiting for next year! Contact us now to reserve your place

Our next event this year is the annual ACT Golf Tournament and dinner, while it’s unlikely they’ll be any dragons, the indomitable spirit and fun for all for those who participate is guaranteed to make an appearance!

ACT Fast! ACT Extraordinary! ACT for those otherwise forgotten!

You can still sponsor our seafarers and help them reach their target of £1,000. Donate here.

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