Transforming Lives: ACT, Destiny and Victoria Beza

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  • Posted on October 26, 2017

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“No Problem of human destiny is beyond human beings”

–  John F. Kennedy

Victoria Beza has surmounted many obstacles placed before her time and time again in her still young life. So many, in fact, that you will not blame her if she thought negatively of her own destiny. Thankfully Victoria’s is not the story of a life relegated to lost opportunities or of promises not met. She was born in Chingola, in the Copperbelt region of Zambia, a country that has struggled to command the attention of the international community. Born in Africa,a continent that is clawing in unison against the tide in a bid for a brighter future and hope for its children. Victoria Beza personifies these –she represents the best of Africa.

Victoria is the youngest of six girls. She lost her father in 1994 to malaria and just three years later, her mother also passed away, leaving her youngest child orphaned at the tender age of 10 years old. Victoria and her older sisters now had to face the challenge of housing, as they were living in a house provided by the company where her mother worked. The company needed the house for another employee.  While her older siblings scrambled to provide the barest necessities, her eldest sister was 19 years old, Victoria’s education was starting to become jeopardised. Although she was already showing signs of promise at school, there was no way to afford her school fees going forward. At the time, even primary school education was not free in Zambia. Having to stop going to school was, perhaps, the cruellest hand that destiny could deal, snatching from her unfairly all that Victoria had come to love at that impressionable age.

Humanity prevailed. Sister Lucy, a nun living and working in the community, caught wind of Victoria’s story and set out to provide the resources necessary to facilitate Victoria’s resumption of her education. But it was only for two years, because Sister Lucy was transferred from Chingola to another part of the country. In those two years of Sister Lucy’s assistance, Victoria excelled, showing signs of promise that belied her station in life – her teachers recognised that she had something special.

Sadly, Sister Lucy indeed had to move on and it looked again as if Victoria’s short education was at an end. She had reached school grade 10, further than many of her contemporaries, but there was no doubt in her own mind that she had more to accomplish. Even from her now distant location Sister Lucy knew it, too. Refusing to allow Victoria to become swallowed up by the cyclical nature of poverty, Sister Lucy reached out to ACT partner organisation, Life Gospel Fellowship in Chingola and they in response turned to ACT who gladly stepped in and began supporting Victoria. ACT paid her school fees and provided funding necessary for her to complete high school. It was a remarkable accomplishment for a young girl in Chingola that had been left without her mother and father at an impossibly young age. But for Victoria, this was not going to be the end. Her destiny, the road she was born to walk, had not yet been reached, and she expressed as such to ACT. She hoped and prayed that she would be able to walk the halls of university and excel beyond all expectations. She sat and passed the national exams with good grades and got a place at University to study engineering.

“Today I want to thank God for all the destiny helpers he put in my life. I know ACT is proud of me, and I am so thankful for him,”

ACT sponsored Victoria’s education at the Copperbelt University, Kitwe where she eventually graduated with a degree in electrical and electronics engineering. She embodies everything ACT stands for: perseverance, dedication, hard work, and a commitment to her community and faith.

Victoria is based in Lusaka and works for a telecom company as a fully qualified chartered engineer.

ACT is proud to have been a part of her story and to have helped her reach her destiny.

There are so many more young people like Victoria who need your help. If you would like to support ACT in its mission to provide education opportunities for disadvantaged needy children and orphans going through similar challenges as Victoria did, please click here

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