Transforming lives through Events fundraising

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  • Posted on May 1, 2020

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Aniceth Donard (front left) pictured with fellow medical school students

“Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.”

Michelle Obama

…. How covid-19 is affecting our fundraising

Aniceth Donard could very easily have missed out of attending medical school. Having lost his father and his widowed mother struggling to feed 6 children without a job, his chances of continuing his secondary school education was disappearing fast. Through our partners in Kagera, Tanzania where he lives, ACT supported him to complete secondary school. But Aniceth had ambition to become a doctor. He distinguished himself at the A-level exams and was admitted to study medicine at St Joseph’s university in Dar es Salaam, a long distance away from his home in Ruziba village. Although ACT encourages every child to work hard to reach their potential, his university fees, accommodation and support totalling £1,200 annually was more than ACT could afford for one child. We had a dilemma. It was at our annual Midlands Christmas fundraising dinner event in Birmingham (UK) that we made an appeal for funds for Aniceth medical school fees. Thanks to the generosity of a few individuals, Aniceth is now in his second year at medical school – His is a life transformed.

Events fundraising constitute an important part of our income and is used to educate orphans and fatherless children we support. Events fundraising helps us to cover unexpected costs, like in the case of Aniceth, and to raise funds to take on additional children for support.

Covid-19 is a danger to our events fundraising effort this year and we are concerned about its impact on the thousands of vulnerable children dependent on us to keep them in school so that their education is not disrupted.

Planning normally starts in March for the events that make up our yearly schedule. These include the Kingston Dragon Boat Race in July, Annual Golf Day in September, Great South Run in October and Midlands dinner event in December. In addition, every other year, we have our popular flagship ACT Biennial Event in October which attracts about 250 attendees from across the UK. We also bring along one of our supported children from Africa. In addition, we have other events, organised by our supporters, to raise funds for ACT.

Our fundraising events are vital for a number of reasons. They enable us to meet with and speak with our network of supporters, which provides us with the opportunity to update them of our progress. They also hear stories of the children and women we support and are able to ask questions. We find the feedback we receive particularly valuable as it helps us to find out what matters to our supporters. They also help to raise awareness of our work among the wider public.

With the lockdown and uncertainty about when it would be lifted, the Dragon Boat Race has been cancelled. Our annual golf event is in the balance and organisers are indicating that race events such as the Great South Run could also be cancelled. Our 2020 biennial event this year is on hold and there may be insufficient time to prepare for it when lockdown is lifted. What this means is that ACT could be about to lose out on £15-20k of income this year — a huge setback for our work.

Whilst all of our events are under threat, we are not sitting back, but continuing to think of ways to cover for the funds we are likely to lose.

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.”  (Barack Obama)

Can you help us now, so that when things have settled, ACT will still be playing its part in alleviating poverty among disadvantaged children and widows in Africa. You can aise funds for us at no extra cost to yourself through Amazon Smile or Give As You Live. Sign up to these schemes and they will make a donation to ACT.

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