ACT Management Board

The management board comprises Trustees and other members who together provide the direction for the charity.



Rev. Pauline Edwards (Chair) is the founder of Annie’s Orphans, a charity that was founded in Bangor in 1987 and which has a number of charity shops all around the UK. Pauline trained as a teacher and also obtained a degree in theology. She is also a minister of the Wales AOG, Bangor. She joined the Board in January 2008.

Chima Amiaka (Trustee) studied law and politics and has a MA degree in politics from Leeds University. He has worked as an adviser in policy development in local government for fifteen years and is currently head of the Mayors office with Southwark Council, London. He has been a volunteer staff and member of the ACT management team since 2000. He joined the board of Trustees in 2006.

Dr (Mrs) Bimpe Oki (Trustee) is a dentist and Public Health specialist. She has extensive experience of developing and implementing programmes to improve health and to reduce health inequalities. She is particularly interested in the role of the wider determinants of health such as education, housing, employment, and social networks in addressing health inequalities. Bimpe currently works in the National Health Service as a Consultant in Public Health.

Dr Kunle Onabolu (UK Director) is the founder of A.C.T. and served as the volunteer Director from 2002. In 2007 he was appointed to the position as a full time role. He has a PhD in civil engineer structure. He is passionate about international development and poverty eradication, particularly as it relates to Africa. Kunle is a member of the board and trustee of a number of organisations. He is the chair of the Diaspora Volunteer Alliance (DVA) and past president of the Engineering Forum of Nigerians (EFN).