Twelve facts you want to know about ACT

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  • Posted on January 12, 2018

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… Celebrating 20 years of serving Africa’s neediest

When you think of ACT what springs to mind?

Is it about orphans and disadvantaged children in rural African countries or widows? Is it about grandmothers or guardians who care for orphans in their villages?  Could it be raising funds through challenging races or taking part in an annual golf event or friends asking you to participate or sponsor them for these events? Perhaps you are thinking about the growing African centred and caring charity located in Croydon?

Well if you are not sure and whatever your thoughts, here are twelve top facts you should know about ACT.

Did you know that …?

1) – ACT is an acronym for African Child Trust.

2) – ACT was formed in 1998 and this year is celebrating its 20th Anniversary

3) – It was launched on 27 September 1998 and became a UK registered charity on 29 March 1999.

4) – The small mining town of Chingola in Zambia’s Copperbelt region was where our work in Africa started and supported our first child, Christine, in October 1998.

5) – The charity raises money to support orphans and children of poor single mothers and widows through child sponsorship. All the funds (100%) raised through child sponsorship is used to support the disadvantaged children.

6) – To-date fifty seven (57) children supported from primary school are in university or have graduated from university.

7) – Six thousand four hundred and eight (6,408) is the total number of children and widows that ACT has supported to-date. Our target in this 20th anniversary year is to increase the numbers to 10,000 beneficiaries. We believe we can!

8) – The ACT Widows Life Skills Training Project was launched in Burkina Faso in 2006. Since then more than 800 women in 7 countries have benefitted from the project and have set-up their own small enterprises. Only our newest partners, in DR Congo, are yet to launch the Widows project.

9) – 14,000 pupils in 7 community secondary schools in Tanga, Tanzania have benefitted from the ACT ICT Project. In 2008-10, ACT set up computer labs equipped with 140 computers and other facilities in the 7 secondary schools and trained 160 teachers, including the school heads, to enable them teach ICT as a subject to the pupils.

10) – ACT runners took part in the Great South Run for the first time in 2003. Since then 140 supporters have taken part in the event and raised nearly £60,000 for ACT.

11) – Malawi First Lady is a supporter of ACT. She met with ACT Director in December 2016 when she travelled with her husband, President Mutharika to the UK on a state visit.

12) – In 2017, fifty six (56) volunteers and supporters helped to raise £100,000 for ACT to support disadvantaged children and widows in Africa!

We hope you will join us this year in celebrating 20 years of serving the neediest groups of people in Africa. To find out how you can support this work, click here to Take Action.


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