With ACT the entire family benefits

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  • Posted on March 27, 2020

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At ACT, our vision is to bring about transformation and give hope to widows in need and their children, as well as poor orphans in Africa. We want the mothers to be able to sustain their families, hence we network them with widows in their communities and provide them with training so that they can generate income. We support their children to go to school, providing them with all the essentials of school, including school uniforms, school shoes, books and daily school meal, in addition to medical support so they can stay healthy.

In our blog last week we told the story of a widow, Collette in Burkina Faso, and how with ACT support she overcame the traumatic loss of her husband, the breadwinner, and how under the stress of looking after 7 children, she gave up and tried to take her life a few times.  It was in the adversity that she found help in ACT. Three of her children were supported and were able to ho to school. She also joined the ACT Widows’ project where she learnt about running her own project and more critically found what she wanted to do, working on a loom to fabricate clothing material. Within a few years, Collette had become an entrepreneur, owning 12 looms and employing other widows to work the looms and earn an income. Hers was an extraordinary journey of a life transformed from abject poverty and hardship to success.


But the story did not end there. Three of her children, two boys and a girl, were supported through their education. While the three were able to complete primary school and went on to middle school, Jeanette started to take an interest in her mother’s business.

Jeannette attended Gueswende Primary School, Ouagadougou and went on to Middle school. She opted to go onto vocational education training rather than high school. She learnt tailoring and trained as a seamstress, qualifying with a diploma certificate after 3 years. She joined her mother full time and went to work turning the clothes woven on the looms into beautiful designs which she sewed and then sold. Jeanette’s work prospered and she started training some of her mother’s workers in the art of design and cuts and learning to sew.

 Jeanette has since set up her own small boutique just outside of Ouagadougou but continues to support her mother’s business which has blossomed.

The story of Jeanette and her mother Collette is the reason that ACT exists — to bring hope to the disadvantaged. ACT is for the people otherwise forgotten.

There are many widows and children in Africa like Collette and her daughter Jeannette, seeking opportunity of a break though to make something more of their lives. With your help this is all so possible. You support can make all the difference. Please click here to sponsor a child or a widow in Africa or to donate today.

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