Woodhall Capital Foundation visit ACT!

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  • Posted on March 1, 2019

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Last month, we were honoured to receive a visit from Woodhall Capital Foundation at the ACT Office in Croydon. Our work had been made known to the Foundation by an ACT ambassador, who had recognised the shared interests of both organisations.

Woodhall Capital Foundation is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Woodhall Capital, a boutique capital-raising, advisory firm “bridging the gap” between Nigerian corporations and international markets. The success encountered by the firm to date is mirrored in the variety and the quality of support they provide to the beneficiaries of the work the Foundation does. Working primarily across Lagos State, Nigeria, Woodhall Capital Foundation has a host of well-established programmes that provide educational support and food to hundreds of the poorest citizens in one of the largest shanty – towns in Lagos.  Empathy, compassion, transparency, partnership and results are at the centre of what they do. With regular food support to no fewer than nine organisations across Lagos – the homeless, poor families and the elderly in communities are being fed. ACT, too, are invested in Nigeria and have been working extensively in the country since 2001. To date, we have nearly a thousand beneficiaries of our support in Lagos State. This includes 538 children on welfare support and more than 200 children on full scholarship support, in addition to close to 100 widows having benefitted from our business skills training in Ipaja Community.

We were thrilled that Woodhall Capital Foundation reached out to us and requested a meeting to discuss our shared vision: the education and wellbeing of the poorest, most marginalised and excluded citizens. Both ACT and Woodhall Capital Foundation are concerned about the ever-growing numbers of children and young people across Africa living in extreme poverty.

The meeting provided opportunity to exchange ideas, share common experiences and explore how the two organisations could work together to improve the lives of those who are most deprived. We were particularly interested to learn about Woodhall Capital Foundation’s programme in Makoko slum, Lagos. Makoko has received much publicity recently, including a BBC World Service programme broadcast last October. Makoko is a community built on the waters of the Lagos lagoon, close to the Lagos mainland. In spite of the immense poverty experienced by the inhabitants, their innovative approach to living on water and their survival and entrepreneurial skills very much prove the adage “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Considering that Nigeria has one of the highest economic growth rates, it is rather troubling that close to 50 per cent of its population are living in poverty. Nigeria has recently overtaken India as the country with the greatest levels of poverty in the world. Thanks to organisations such as Woodhall Capital Foundation, along with ACT, who are investing heavily to transform the lives of disadvantaged boys and girls for the better, we hold out great hope for the future in that country.

Woodhall Capital Foundation has since visited our work in Ipaja. We hope for a closer relationship and support that will help transform lives and alleviate poverty in Ipaja, as well as other parts of Africa.

We are happy to celebrate organisations working together to better the lives of children in Africa from disadvantaged backgrounds.

If you would like to help ACT impact the lives of more disadvantaged children, orphans and widows in Ipaja Community, Nigeria, please click here.

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