World Gratitude Day

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  • Posted on September 21, 2017

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On 21 September, the world will mark Gratitude Day and in doing so, will allow citizens from across the globe to pause and say thank you to those who have worked hard or sacrificed on behalf of others. African Child Trust (ACT) is pleased to join in the collective effort to do what so few of us often think to do: reflect on the road we’ve travelled and accept that we cannot be who we want to be without a lot of help and a little luck. Gratitude Day is our opportunity to do just that.

Without its many partners, contributors, and friends, ACT could not be the organisation it is today. Across London, the UK, the eight African nations in which ACT operates, and even further abroad, ACT has been the beneficiary of unparalleled generosity and kindness from those that believe in the work that we are doing and from those who wish to touch the lives of the impoverished and people in need.

Recently, ACT received two substantial grant awards from incredibly altruistic sources. A UK foundation, Charles Hayward, gave a grant of £13,500 for our Ulemu Project, to increase and retain the number of girls staying on in education in Malawi – a gift that could very literally transform development and reduce poverty in that impoverish nation. Two staff members of a UK company, Conversant helped secure a $10,000 grant for ACT from their US based parent corporation, Alliance Data, which will go a very long way in helping to support more disadvantaged African children and enable needy widows to receive training to generate sustainable income and be able to look after their children.  On this Gratitude Day, we say thank you.

We also say thank you to our many volunteers. From our UK office to the many volunteers on the ground in Africa, ACT is blessed to have such caring, dedicated, and diligent volunteers. Whether it is helping to manage ACT’s finances, its social media, and schedule or working directly with young people, orphans, or widows in Africa, our volunteers are the lifeblood and the backbone of ACT’s ongoing mission – we are indebted to them today and every day that ACT is able to change the lives of children for the better.

ACT is blessed to work with some of the most driven, hardworking young people in Africa. Many of these young men and women have turned the hand extended by ACT into a map for success, and we could not be prouder of their progress.



Robert from Tanzania wrote to tell us how ACT support with school fees over 14 years has transformed his life and given him opportunities he could not have dreamt of. Today, Robert is operating a small business after obtaining a university degree in business studies.

 “ACT changed by heart…I wonder if, one day, I’ll work for an organization like ACT, helping to support children living in difficult environments, as I once did.”(Robert, Tanzania)



Favour, from Nigeria, will complete secondary school this year and hopes to go to university in 2018. With help from ACT she has a seen her prospects improve.

“By now, I should be a dropout, but since meeting ACT, I’ve been given the opportunity to go to school regularly. They provide what I need for my education, my food since losing my parents, and words of encouragement. ACT is the reason I’m doing so well in school.” (Favour, Nigeria)



Diana from Zambia lost her father suddenly when she was a child and her mother had struggled emotionally and financially until Diana received ACT support. She is now in Grade 8 at secondary school and has been receiving excellent results.

“It is because of ACT supportthat I have been performing well at school. It is ACT support thatis helping my mother to heal”. (Diana, Zambia)

On this Gratitude Day, we say thank you. Indeed, all of us at ACT are grateful – to our sponsors, our partners, our benefactors, our employees and our volunteers: ACT is truly a family of the concerned and the benevolent, and we are fortunate to have you all with us on our journey.

If you want to know more about what you can do and become a part of the ACT family, please click “Take Action” on our website here.

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